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What R-Value Is and Why It Matters for Spray Foam Insulation in Maryland

When exploring your insulation options, you’ll probably hear a lot about “resistance value” or “R-value.” While the science behind R-value is complicated, the concept itself is simple to understand. Materials with a higher R-value insulate better against hot and cold temperatures than those with lower R-values. For example, spray foam insulation in Maryland has an R-value of 6, an excellent score for residential and commercial properties. Spray foam is thus an effective choice for insulating buildings.

Why should you care about R-values? The better your insulation is, the more comfortable your property will be. Furthermore, you’ll save more money on your monthly utility bills. By taking the time to research R-values, you can make a more informed choice that will impact your daily life for years to come.

Calculating Heat Resistance

It’s helpful to understand what the resistance value of spray foam insulation and other materials truly means. R-value is a measure of how well a barrier resists the flow of heat. By its nature, heat flows spontaneously from hotter bodies to colder bodies. Thus, when it’s hot outside, heat wants to move inside your air-conditioned building. Likewise, during the winter, the heat inside your building tries to move outside. Certain materials are more effective at stopping this flow than others and that’s where different R-values come from.

Cumulative Resistance

The total R-value of a surface is a calculation of its cumulative resistance. For instance, spray foam insulation usually offers an R-value of 6. However, your wall isn’t just spray foam. Depending on the other materials used in the wall, the total R-value might be 11 instead. By choosing both heat-resistant construction materials and exceptional insulation, you create a highly energy-efficient building. Talk to your local contractor to learn more about your options for energy efficient construction projects.

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