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Protective Trench Breaker Installation Services

Protect your pipeline when you lay it by turning to us for trench breaker installation services. Previously, engineers relied on sandbags and other outdated materials to attempt to weatherproof their trenches and pipelines. This costly method is complicated when dealing with rocky and steep terrain. Fortunately, you can support your trenches and pipes with a better way, and Mid Atlantic Spray Foam has it.

Using the finest in sprayed polyurethane foam, our team is able to create a more affordable, quicker, and safer way to build trench breakers. Our insulation contractor is able to deliver you a solution that effectively manages weathering and erosion so your trench and pipeline will need less maintenance throughout the years.

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam for Trench Breakers

Sprayed polyurethane foam is an exciting material that, when all of the compounds are mixed together, creates rapidly expanding foam with excellent adhesive properties. That means when it is applied into your trenches, it is able to push away loose soil while bonding to both sides of your trench. Once it hardens and cures, you are going to find yourself with the perfect support for your piping trench needs. 

Working with our trench breaker installation company gives you the advantage of having a protected trench that will stand up against almost everything Mother Nature can throw at it. From quick installation time and vertical installation stability to the compressive strength, excellent adhesion, and lost-cost price compared to other methods, you cannot go wrong with our sprayed polyurethane foam for trench breakers.

The Smart Choice for Your Construction Project 

Our team has built a reputation for itself throughout the past decade for the quality of our workmanship as well as the materials we use during our installations. Don’t waste your time, money, and effort using outdated materials and methods to secure your trenches – take advantage of our cutting-edge trench breaker installation services instead. 

Contact our team by calling (877) 789-3471 to learn more about protecting pipes and trenches with spray foam solutions. We currently provide trench breakers to clients who are located in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.


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