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Prevent Ice Dams with Spray Foam Insulation in Maryland

Roofs are built to withstand the elements, but they aren’t completely invulnerable – especially when it comes to things like ice dams. The weight of ice dams can compromise your roof’s structural integrity, as well as eventually damage your gutters, insulation, and drywall. Fortunately, you can ward off ice dams by using the right spray foam insulation in Maryland.

Why Insulation Matters

To understand how insulation wards off ice dams, you first need to understand how ice dams form.  After a heavy snowfall, you likely have a layer of snow blanketing your roof. Since heat naturally wants to move into cooler spaces, the warm air in your house rises to the cold roof, melting the nearest snow into water. That water travels down your roof until it hits the colder edges and refreezes, building up into what people call an “ice dam.”

There’s not much you can do to stop snow from falling on your roof. That’s why the key to preventing ice dams is to invest in good spray foam insulation that stops warm air from escaping to your roof. The insulation keeps the warm air inside your home where you want it, and no snow melts to form the ice dam.

Other Factors

Insulation goes a long way to keeping you warm in the winter and keeping your roof safe. However, it’s not all-powerful. The sun’s heat might melt the snow on your roof, or the temperature outside might fluctuate quickly, creating an ice dam.

You can’t do anything to control these natural factors, though, so it’s best to focus on improving what you can control around your home, like what spray foam insulation you use. Ask a reputable contractor for a recommendation and do your research to ensure you make an educated decision for your property.