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Delaware Spray Foam Helps You Create a Passive House

Are you looking into creating a passive house? These buildings use a wide range of construction techniques to lower their ecological footprints and create comfort while using an ultra-low amount of energy. They’re great for the environment, your budget, and for situations where electricity might not be available. That makes them a worthwhile investment, and one of the best things you can do to transform your home into a passive house is to invest in Delaware spray foam insulation.

Efficient and affordable, this high-performance option helps you meet the necessary standards for a passive house. Let’s look at some of the ways that installing or upgrading your insulation today can help you save energy and maintain your comfort in the future.

Three Ways Spray Foam Helps

There are three key advantages to using sprayed-in foam for your passive house. Each one lends critical efficiency to your building, and you can get all of them in as little as a few hours with the right contractor.

Complete Envelope Coverage -- Your house has something called a thermal envelope, which helps keep heat from radiating between then inside and outside. Foam insulation helps it stay sealed, which greatly improves your temperature control and energy efficiency.

Airtightness -- Another key part of passive home design is preventing air leaks that reduce efficiency. Spray foam doesn’t leave gaps when installed by dependable professionals, making it ideal for keeping indoor and outdoor air separate.

Lasting Results -- Spray foam is often guaranteed to last for the total life of your home. That makes it a relatively low-cost way to boost efficiency, especially if you won’t be paying much to heat and cool your space.

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